Blyth BIA

Since 2012, Blyth BIA as a subcommittee of the Township of North Huron

  1. Plans and administers activities for the promotion of BBIA as an attractive business and shopping area and for the maintenance of the appearance of the Blyth Ward;
  2. Engages in strategic planning necessary to address BBIA issues;
  3. Advocates on behalf of the interests of BBIA;
  4. Manages the money that is collected by Township of North Huron from the required special BIA levy for these activities.


The boundaries of BBIA as established by the Council of Township of North Huron includes the entire ward of Blyth in the Township of North Huron; geographically defined as the area within: 

     . Blyth Road at the South
     . Threshers Lane at the West
     . Anne Street at the East
     . North Street at the North

 Every registered business with commercial space in the district outlined above is automatically a member or the organization as dues are collected by the municipality and designated solely for use by the BIA. The Blyth BIA is cognizant that there are businesses based at home and around the surrounding communities who could benefit by belonging to our association as Associate Members.  To become a part of an organization dedicated to the success of all its members, apply for an Associate Membership today!  There is a yearly fee of just $95.00.  

All members are invited to attend monthly general meetings where they are updated on activities by the Board of Management; All members may impact spending priorities by participating on committees.  

The BIA General Meetings are held at 8:00 am the first Wednesday of every month at the Blyth Arena. If you would like to make a presentation at one of our monthly meetings, or for further information, please contact Karen Stewart, Blyth BIA Chair at 519-441-7629.