RFP June 2018: Online Presence


Blyth Business Improvement Area (BBIA)

REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL re:  Online Presence



The internet is indispensable for the travel and tourism industry as travellers utilize it to investigate travel options, compare prices and offers, make reservations, and find details about what is unique to a destination.  Travellers increasingly communicate directly with destinations to learn more about the stories and characters that make a destination different.   They bypass the middleman like travel agents and other service providers so making a modern and dynamic website is an even more integral component of our destination marketing strategy. Our website must act as the main gateway for not only listing tourism information and businesses but also suggest itineraries for engaging experiences and provide relevant regional history and geography through creative storytelling – techniques that show our distinctive characters and unique assets in engaging ways.    Links to services will promote local attractions, activities and our members, too, all leading to:

  • more foot traffic on the streets
  • increased retail, dining, accommodation and special event and attractions receipts.


Blyth Business Improvement Area (BBIA) is a membership-based organization created to:

  1. Plan and administer activities for the promotion of BBIA as an attractive business and shopping area and for the maintenance of the appearance of the Blyth Ward;
  2. Engage in strategic planning necessary to address BBIA issues;
  3. Advocate on behalf of the interests of BBIA;
  4. Manage a budget that includes revenue collected by the Township of North Huron from the required BIA levy, and grants from other sources pledged for these activities. 

We have 51 members and our levy for 2018 is $7,700.


The Village of Blyth has businesses and attractions that currently draw large numbers of visitors to town. Blyth Festival – an all-Canadian summer theatre festival now in it’s 44th season, and Cowbell Brewing Company – a new carbon-neutral craft brewery attract thousands to our community including craft beer lovers, foodies and culture vultures in pursuit of emotional experiences and impact.  Our goal is to keep them here longer, have them spend a little more and thereby become more invested in repeat visits and telling their friends and family to come visit too.


Our top priority is to increase the economic benefits that flow from tourism to the Village of Blyth.  Our secondary goals include

  • Engaging visitors by bringing Blyth’s unique human interest stories to light
       for visitors and for the community, and
  • making it easy to contact BBIA members through the website or through social
       media profiles.


We are looking to increase social engagement on Social Channels that translate into increased visitation and interaction with the website.

Blyth Business Improvement Area currently has a presence on two individual sites.  The blythbia.com website is an out-dated site that is owned by an independent contractor.  The second site is blythnow.com

Through this project we will work to:

  • consolidate our online networks; 
  • identify key elements for a successful “destination” web presence;
  • design and develop a modern, dynamic website;
  • utilize search engine optimization;
  • understand the components of social media and build a social media campaign on verified social channels. 


Our new site must be:

  • Easy to navigate with painless search or find functions.
  • User-friendly, offering the navigation a clear indication of where they are in the site.
  • Accessible on multiple browsers – Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari
  • Consistent in its layout to maintain a theme and uniformity
  • Free of Clutter
  • Quick to download.

Further the site must have a URL that is easy to remember and easy to spell.

The website does not require e-commerce components.


$7,000 has been allocated to this project of which 1/2 is funded through a Destination Development Strategic Co–Investment Project. 

The payment schedule is

  • $2,000 on signing, proposed:  week of August 27, 2018;
  • $2,500 at mid-way of work plan, proposed September 21, 2018
  • $2,500 on completion; no later than November 30, 2018.


  • a clear defined schedule of activities outlining deadlines for meetings with the BBIA committee.
  • samples of other websites you or your Company have worked on.


  • RFP distributed:  July 9, 2018
  • Deadline for Response August 10, 2018
  • Project Awarded August 17, 2018

Karen Stewart, Chair of the Board of Management
Blyth & Area Business Improvement Area
Tele:  226-523-1419 email:     karen@blyth1419.ca